Getting tired of the same old cheese platter?
We've got you covered with our guide to the 3 best cheeses that you should know and how to change them up into tasty platter-sized treats!

Cheeses can be confusing. Picture this: you're hosting an event and there is major pressure for you to deliver an epic platter of cheesy goodness. You're in the cheese section of your local supermarket staring at all of the types of cheeses available... circle packets, squares, triangles even!  There are hundreds of options to choose from and most of the packets look the exact same, so which one are you supposed to get?

We feel your pain! That's why we've compiled a list of the 3 essential cheese types that we love and how you can turn them into a crowd-pleasing favourite at your next function.


Obviously we are huge Mozzarella fans (what's a pizza without it??), but it has heaps of untapped dinner-party potential too! Mozzarella is a deliciously, soft and moist cheese that has a milky flavour - and it has a high water content which means that it is low on fat.

Our Favourite Recipe: try out these Mozzarella Cocktail Skewers, they are super quick and easy to prepare and are a nice, fresh way to enjoy cheese. All you need to do is buy whole mozzarella (available from most supermarkets), chop it into small pieces, whip up a quick olive oil dressing, add some cherry tomatoes and serve!



Definitely an old favourite of ours but whilst Parmesan is well-known, there are plenty of unique ways to transform it into tasty recipes. Parmesan is a hard and bitter cheese with quite a strong flavour, but don't let that description scare you away - it is actually one of the most versatile cheeses!

Our Favourite Recipe: we seriously love this Parmesan Cookie recipe. It's a little bit more complex than the skewers, but the effort definitely pays off. Check out the full recipe here. The ultimate wine pairing for this crispy treat is a fruity Prosecco!


Our last (but certainly not least) pick is an Italian blue cheese with a mild flavour and crumbly texture. Gorgonzola, like most aged cheeses, pairs best with a red wine and fruits.

Our Favourite Recipe: If you're after a healthy appetiser, try out these Gorgonzola-Pear Toasts. This recipe uses a combination of cream cheese and Gorgonzola to achieve a flavour-pack and creamy texture. It is another quick recipe that can be made in less than 30 minutes.

Don't want to cook?

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